How to get started with the FAA Part 107 exam!

Part 107 Exam

The commercial Drone process is called the Part 107 Small Unmanned aircraft rule.  You only need to follow this process if you want to fly commercially.

Before this process you needed have to have a full size airplane license and wait 6 months for a piece of paper!  #ridiculous Now you need to take a test and get a background check.  Pretty awesome!  

Ok, so what do you need to do to get started??

1) Study for the Exam! (or go ahead and register for the test first, step 2)

FYI! This exam is going to be hard!!!! You need dedicate a lot of time for studying. I'm guessing most people are going to fail the first time. You cannot just cram the night before, it will take some real study. I would give it at least 1-2 weeks of study time.

1) Make an account at the link below! And take study course for the SUAS (Drone) portion of the test

 2) Study the Ground school portion of the Exam.  (Reading VFR charts, Understanding weather etc)

These are good study resources!

Click Here for a study guide from my Drone Lawyer Jonathan Rupprecht!

Can also check out this test Prep from Sarah Nilsson 

Buy this iphone app to help study and get used to the FAA questions! Android version here! 

Awesome Video tutorials are here coming soon from us!  Stay Tuned!


 2) Register to take the Part 107. 

You can choose to pre-register for the test now or do this later.

1) Locate the closest Testing Center to you,

2) Click the following link to sign up for the Pre-Registration Application

Make an account and pay the $150 Fee.

They will contact you within 10 days and setup up a day to take the test.



3) Take the test!

  • Make sure you bring your ID. 
  • Bring an old school calculator
  • You need a 70% to pass. There are 60 Questions on the test.
  • If you fail you will need to pay the $150 again and wait at least 2 weeks to retest. 

4) File for a TSA FAA background check.  

Instructions will be given after the test. 

There is lots of material to study! Good luck!