Press Relase: CineChopper Drone University Partners with UAV Protect, All Risks Limited and Skyvuze.


Awesome News today!  

I'm pleased to announce that CineChopper Drone University has partnered with All Risks LTD,  UAV-Protect insurance program with our point of contact for the program being Skyvuze Tech. 


I've been approached by many insurance companies claiming to have the best Drone Liability / Hull rates.  These guys have the best rates i've seen and CCU members get a better rate than anyone anywhere. (if you meet the qualifications below)


Some features of the program:

  • Exclusive CineChopper member discounts up to 10%- Including liability, camera/gimbal, equipment & hull coverage. 
  • We also offer general and professional liability & commercial auto (Non-UAV related insurance for your business)
  • Schedule your entire fleet as long as only one drone is in the air at a time. Most carriers charge liability PER drone. 
  • Privacy Coverage Available. 
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Drone enthusiasts - Not your typical insurance agency. Available after 5pm AND on weekends! 
  • Your insurance co-pilots



  • Must complete the CineChopper Drone University course and receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Must pass the Part 107 exam and hold a Remote Pilot Certificate

(BTW, I was in Drumline with Devin in Highschool, he is a solid guy :) I'm going to add Devin to the facebook community so you can ask him questions there as well! 

Like I said, they had the lowest prices i've ever seen and with the discount you will be getting the best rates in the world. :)