Go Pro Karma has been announced! 

GoPRO has been teasing the Karma for a while now!  

Karma comes with:

  • Karma Drone - Compatible with Hero black 5, Hero Session 5 and Hero 4 Silver. 
  • Karma Grip (Like an Osmo) 
  • Karma Controller 
  • Karma Case


  • Pull gimbal off Karma and pop onto the Karma Grip! 
  • Foldable Design - Fits in a backpack! 

Things it doesn't have - Obstacle avoidance sensors. 

I feel like this Drone is designed for the hobbies which is cool.


But... can they beat out DJI??

However, The Drone king DJI has most likely been leaking photos of their New drone set to be announced next week called the "DJI MAVIC" to try and get an edge on the Karma.  Not many details are known at this point but we know it has sensors on the bottom and it's incredibly small. 


DJI has been known to drop their price to barley break even in order to beat out the competition.  I'm wondering if they will do the same in this scenario in hopes to beat out GoPro. 


Karma will go on sale on October 23rd. It costs $799 alone, $1,099 with a Hero 5, or $999 with a Hero 5 Session.

Which drone are you more interested in?