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Chris Newman is a passionate professional remote controlled aerial videographer/photographer...


Our Mission

Before beginning his aerial career, Chris had seven years of professional experience in the film industry. This cinematic foundation sets him apart from other aerial videographers because not only does he know how to fly the drones, but he has the talent and the know-how to get those amazing cinematic shots. His passion and drive leads to an incredible final product every time. Equipped with technical ability, Chris designs and maintains his own helicopters that can heft cameras up to the Red Epic. He also owns and operates many of the industry standard drones, as well as a variety of cameras and lenses that allow him to get diversity in his footage.  

A sampling of his clients include: Subaru, Ford, Mazda, Discovery Channel, Bear Naked Granola, Devin Super Tramp, Bass Pro Shops, Corridor Digital, Mountain Dew, Monster Energy, Goal Zero, and Contour Camera.  He has also recently filmed the aerials for a Robert Duvall Feature Film, a Netflix original series, and several IMAX films.   

Our Members all over the world! 

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Thank you Chris Newman and CineChopper University. I got into this business with strictly aerial services and found my calling for filmmaking. Now i have a job as associate producer and aerial pilot with MG studio in Las Vegas. The quality of knowledge that cinechopper university gave me in the beginning is unparalleled to anything else out their. I would not of been able to advance where I’m at so quickly without CineChopper University. Thank you.
— Jeff Leblond
This university goes over everything I can possibly think of with regards to aerial drone footage. Chris has taken an extraordinary amount of time and effort to bring simple tips to save you the hustle of starting off. The course is well paced, organized and filled with good vibes. Thank you Chris for pioneering in this field. Truly appreciate an artist who shares his craft !
— Jovany Jimenez
I quit my job and started my own video production company full time because I fell in love with Aerial cinematography and was able to apply much of what I learned from Cinechopper University. I am now being paid very well and get to travel doing both aerial and ground video. I would recommend this course for anyone who is serious about adding aerial cinematography to their list of skills.
— Albert Polanco, CineChopper University Member